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#49 списъкът с доклади е неизползваем nobody defect highest -- Общи -- major
#136 Сериозна грешка в libgtop Александър Шопов defect highest libgtop blocker
#176 Повтарящи се ускорители nobody defect highest gnome-applets trivial
#177 Грешно име на аплет nobody defect highest gnome-applets major
#178 Грешни имена на диалоговите прозорци yavorescu defect highest gnome-applets normal
#215 Правописна грешка в g-i-t kaladan defect highest gnome-icon-theme major
#299 Неуместно се използва думата „насилствен“ вместо „принудителен“ Александър Шопов defect highest -- Общи -- critical
#460 ITT: Glade 3 yavorescu enhancement highest -- Общи -- normal
#501 What Helps make Phen375 Today's Very best Unwanted fat Burner adipex defect highest gnome-pilot-conduits blocker
#509 premium meridia premium meridia enhancement highest gjay major
#517 buy levitra online Neurontin enhancement highest galan critical
#524 Chitosan Chitosan task highest totem blocker
#525 Achieve Your Weight-loss Targets With Phen375 cozaar defect highest f-spot trivial
#526 Phen375 Critique - Is it possible to Truly Drop twenty Lbs In the Thirty day period Femara task highest gnome commander blocker
#531 premarin premarin defect highest yelp blocker
#553 Premarin Premarin defect highest gyrus normal
#566 Zyban Zyban enhancement highest gnome-pkgview major
#571 Drop Fat With Phen375 norvasc enhancement highest dlume minor
#574 Nexium Nexium task highest gedit blocker
#575 Colchicine Colchicine enhancement highest evolution-brainread critical
#576 Cozaar Cozaar enhancement highest gnusound normal
#584 Knowledge of Your Body's Metabolic Price and the way Phen375 Can Guidebook You to lessen Fat evista defect highest gimp-tips major
#590 Tricor Tricor enhancement highest capuccino blocker
#591 WHY PHEN375 melatonin defect highest ggv critical
#593 Prescription Phentermine Prescription Phentermine enhancement highest nautilus-gtkhtml major
#595 Zoloft Zoloft defect highest gimp-tips trivial
#596 Phen375 Item Evaluation Effexor task highest cupid normal
#599 Cephalexin Cephalexin defect highest email-reminder trivial
#601 Ambien Ambien defect highest beagle critical
#619 Battling Stomach Unwanted fat - Phen375 Supplements Viagra task highest giftoxic minor
#625 aciphex None defect highest ethereal critical
#631 Shed Up to 25lbs In only 6 Weeks With Phen375 None task highest gnome-pilot-conduits minor
#632 zoloft None task highest memory profiler critical
#636 How Phen375 Can Kick Star Your Weight-loss Plan None enhancement highest gnome jabber normal
#645 Nolvadex None task highest battfink blocker
#646 generic levitra None enhancement highest gnome-schedule minor
#650 Zestril None enhancement highest emifreq-applet critical
#661 viagra side effects None enhancement highest metacity major
#675 Celebrex Celebrex defect highest gtksourceview critical
#678 zoloft zoloft defect highest email-reminder critical
#680 ultram ultram enhancement highest gamix minor
#682 Phen375- An excellent Body fat Burner viagra enhancement highest galeon trivial
#683 Viagra Viagra defect highest qalculate minor
#691 Accutane Acne Treatment None task highest mergeant normal
#19 Грешка в прозореца за търсене yavorescu defect high synaptic normal
#21 Некоректен превод на името на Synaptic yavorescu defect high synaptic normal
#24 Неправилен превод на "Exit" в GIMP tech_noir defect high gimp normal
#25 Неправилен превод на Extentions в GIMP tech_noir defect high gimp major
#39 Излишен нов ред в Gnome Keyring zbrox defect high gnome keyring normal
#41 Неправилна употреба на апострофи zbrox defect high gnome keyring normal
#42 Брадясaл превод на gFTP zbrox defect high gftp normal
#43 Смислово омазан превод в новите модули yavorescu defect high gcompris critical
#52 Дублиране на почти всички низове в менюто за търсене zbrox defect high evolution major
#54 "Зачеркване" на цялата поща от твърдия диск и още 4 грешки zbrox defect high evolution major
#130 Отвратителен превод на gconf Александър Шопов defect high gconf normal
#131 Отвратителен превод на gtk+ Александър Шопов defect high gtk+ normal
#133 Отвратителен превод на gnome-vfs Александър Шопов defect high gnome-vfs normal
#134 Да се оправи кошмара gnome-doc-utils Александър Шопов defect high gnome-doc-utils normal
#200 gnome-utils: Аз, роботът kaladan defect high gnome-utils major
#216 Грешка в Терминалът на GNOME kaladan defect high gnome terminal critical
#223 Подобряване на ползваемостта на информацията за състоянието на писмата kaladan defect high evolution major
#248 "скок до" в редактирането на отметки на nautilus Александър Шопов defect high gtk+ normal
#301 "тръбопровод" в GStreamer? Александър Шопов defect high -- Общи -- normal
#332 Описанията на действията са неразбераеми. nobody defect high -- Общи -- normal
#470 Нужда от преглед на цял превод yavorescu defect high evolution-data-server normal
#502 ambien for online ambien for online defect high gnome keyring trivial
#503 levitra levitra task high gyrus blocker
#504 levitra levitra task high gyrus blocker
#506 Tramadol Tramadol defect high gnotime critical
#518 Zithromax Zithromax task high drgeo blocker
#521 dilantin dilantin enhancement high gtranslator normal
#527 Can Phen375 Operate calcium-carbonate enhancement high gnotime critical
#529 buy tramadol buy tramadol enhancement high f-spot critical
#530 Buy Tramadol Buy Tramadol defect high divifund trivial
#549 Viagra Prescription Viagra Prescription enhancement high gnome blog trivial
#550 zocor zocor task high deskbar-applet trivial
#551 zocor zocor task high deskbar-applet trivial
#554 evista evista defect high anjuta normal
#562 Phen375 Is Secure And Effective For Bodyweight Reduction! Viagra-Prescription defect high gnome-themes-extras trivial
#564 Zyban Zyban task high g3data major
#570 Zithromax Zithromax task high gnome cups manager major
#572 Diflucan Diflucan enhancement high gnome-schedule blocker
#585 aciphex aciphex defect high distccmon-gnome blocker
#587 coral-calcium coral-calcium defect high gnome mud trivial
#589 Chitosan Chitosan defect high fireflier-client-gtk blocker
#608 A Safer Alternative Phen375 Lipitor task high gnome keyring minor
#618 cephalexin cephalexin enhancement high camorama major
#623 Quit Snoring By utilizing Phen375 Excess fat Burner None defect high kino major
#624 Buy-Levitra None defect high sound juicer blocker
#630 Is Phen375 Just Yet another Above Hyped Diet Pill None enhancement high foomatic-gui minor
#640 Eliminate Approximately 25lbs In only 6 Weeks With Phen375 None task high lostirc minor
#641 hgh None task high epiphany minor
#657 Phen375 Assessment - Is it possible to Genuinely Lose 20 Kilos Inside a Thirty day period None task high tomboy normal
#659 lopressor None enhancement high libbonobo major
#660 lipitor None task high sylpheed-gtk2 blocker
#666 Real truth about Phen375 None task high libwnck blocker
#668 Like Phen375 In your Weightloss Plan None defect high optimystic blocker
#669 Injectable-Hgh None defect high galculator minor
#671 buy-soma-online None task high gtksourceview critical
#674 Eliminate Weight Rapidly With Phen375 None defect high battfink minor
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